Absolute Chaos In North Carolina

Ok we’ve seen the horrors that occurred down in Georgia when a little snow hits the ground… 100 car pile-ups, kids staying the night at school, people stranded everywhere, thousands of flights cancelled, Chipper Jones going on straight up special ops rescue missions on his snowmobile, I’m sure there were yetis somewhere in the mix.. that’s how bad it was..

Well that was fluffy snow.. add freezing rain into the mix and you get lovely winter scenes like this one taken in Raleigh, North Carolina:


Just absolute reckless chaos.  Chick’s walking away from the fireball that is that car in the background, just engulfed in flames.  Everything is falling apart down there.  In fact I think I’ll declare it unsafe to drive at all.. you could drive, but at this point there’s like a 63% chance your car goes up in flames.. I think the play here is either walking everywhere… or maybe you take a page out of the Amish book and straight horse and buggy that shit.  I mean this picture looks like it’s straight out of The Walking Dead Season 1.