Today In Chicks Are Nuts: Torz Reynolds Cut Tattoo Of Her Boyfriend’s Name Off Her Body And Sent It To Him In A Jar


HUFFPOST- Sometimes just un-friending someone doesn’t cut it.

When 26-year-old Englishwoman Torz Reynolds learned her boyfriend of two years was cheating on her, she decided she needed to remove her tattoo.

With a scalpel.

And then send the skin to him.

Reynolds, of Colchester, Essex, told the Daily Star this week that 24-year-old Stuart “Chopper” May claimed he was moving to Alaska to pursue a new job, but it turned out he was just at his home in Tiptree, Essex, shacking up with a new lady. Reynolds reacted by using a scalpel to remove the entire section of skin where the words “Chopper’s Bitch” were tattooed.

According to the Daily Mail, she numbed the area with Vasocaine spray before slicing a rectangle around the area, then using tweezers to peel it off.

She posted an image of the bloody result to Facebook in December. When a friend called the act “crazy,” she replied, “Crazy was getting his name tattooed in the first place. . . cutting it out was just necessary! ;-P”

She then conceded that she may end up getting someone else’s name tattooed on her body, because “Its not lyk there permanent! Haha! [sic]”

Reynolds didn’t let the severed skin go to waste, though. She packaged the skin chunk in a jar and mailed it to Mays, complete with a bow on top, according to the Daily Mail.

“Posting the tattoo to Chopper sent a clear message,” she told the Daily Star. “Now he knows never to mess with me again.”

Facebook post from March 2012 indicates that she dealt with the tattooed name of a different lover in a similar fashion.

I would say Torz Reynolds is a new brand of crazy, but nope girls will be girls, and she’s just as crazy as the next.  She pretty much just did what every chick wishes they could. Oh you tried to pull the old “I’m moving to Alaska to pursue a new career… but really I’m living in Essex with another chick” move?  Well Torz don’t play that game, no sir.  Not about that life. You tell me you’re in Alaska but you’re really just cheating on me in my own backyard? I cut a piece of my arm off and send it to you in a jar with a bow on it.  Oh man. Chopper you dog, thought you were gonna get away with this one, huh?  She told you! 

Chopper, if you really think about it.. This is best case scenario for you.. you got over the crazy hump. That was probably as bad as it’s gonna get.  She sent you her bloody tattoo.. and said “Now he knows never to mess with me again.”  That’s sounds like a goodbye to me.  But I’ve heard “Don’t mess with me” over and over again.. and I think it’s girl talk for “mess with me.”  My best advice is when a girl tells you something, translate it as if it’s opposite day like 80% of the time.

I’d still sleep with one eye open though, wouldn’t wanna wake up to see that Torz is wearing your genitalia around her neck.  Honestly I wouldn’t actually put it by Torz. Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. 

Apparently this wasn’t the first time she’s done the whole fuck the laser removal or cover-up options and said I’m going straight medieval scalpel. 

The photo of her arm is pretty graphic.. so scroll way down if you’re curious..