BREAKING: Kate Upton Went Nips Out For The Boys On Facebook

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 7.00.07 PM

This has to be a mistake, right? There’s no way Kate Upton’s people posted a picture from the “Fappening” on Facebook, right? Some hackers hack your iCloud, steal your nude photos and leak them for everyone to see… it becomes a huge deal and your hubby Justin is having his lawyers take care of it.. and then months later you post one of the images as your featured image for a blog post? Someone made an uhoh. You can’t just casually go nips out for the boys on social media. That’s not how the world works. Like occasionally someone gets hacked or spammed and a rando nudie pops up on your newsfeed.. but Kate Upton?

Maybe it’s intentional. Maybe she posted it because she’s not the girl anymore and is making moves to get back to ultimate stardom. She’s out of the limelight, settled down with that dork Justin Verlander. Maybe she’s taking small steps to get back there.

But, I mean, Never Forget: