Little Cesar’s Pizza Needs To Stop Contributing To American Obesity With This Deep Dish Pizza With Bacon Crust

little cesars bacon

Little Cesar’s needs to fuck off with this bacon crust. I can just hear all of the bacon posers right now saying things that are totally nonsensical like “Thank you! I can die happy now!” or “No such thing as too much bacon!” or “On the 7th day, God created bacon.” We get it you love bacon.. but guess what?? There is such thing as too much bacon (you can die from too much bacon), and god rested on the 7th day.. if he even exists in the first place.

Let me make this clear.. a good pizza is a pizza that you can eat in one setting.. I know that’s a lot of pizza, but I can crush a large cheese, just like the next manly man.. it hurts, and I end up hating myself, but I can do it. Now let me make another thing clear, you can’t crush a Little Cesar’s deep dish bacon crust pizza all at once.. that’s a one way ticket to heart attack town.. that’s why this country is fat.