Love This 89 Year-Old Man For Getting Out There On The Tinder Scene

I don’t want to say that this kid sucks, because it’s all kind of a joke, but you can tell that he’s going the extra mile to try to embarrass his gramps. Worst grandson ever. This grandpa has way more swag, a billion times more swag than that punk grandson. I love how he keeps asking him if he thinks he can do this, if he thinks he can charm women.. dude the guy probably invented charm, probably passed it down to you. This guy was probably picking up babes before WWII. This is the guy that started thinking about sex when he was 9.

Oh and what’s a fun fact that we’ve learned today, grandpa?

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 2.24.43 PM

Oh my god. That’s some graphic imagery. And the date said that was here favorite hobby. I don’t even think my little virgin ears have heard that one. Now this grandpa can’t stop talking about it.