Vladimir Putin Has… Aspergers?

USAToday – WASHINGTON — A study from a Pentagon think tank theorizes that Russian President Vladimir Putin has Asperger’s syndrome, “an autistic disorder which affects all of his decisions,” according to the 2008 report obtained by USA TODAY.

So the Pentagon released a study they did from like 2008 about how they think Vladimir Putin, leader of Mother Russia, has Aspergers Syndrome. HA! WHAT? That’s the best you can do, guys? You’re a “think tank” and that’s what you come up with? How about come up with a story that he’s gay or something, you know because he hates the gays.. that’ll stir the pot.. but Aspergers? That’s it? You’re saying that the mother fucker who rolled into a G8 Summit with his entire fleet of battle ships, and challenged the world.. he might barely be on the autism spectrum? That’s weak.  

But if Aspergers is:

Flying planes

putin flies plane

and riding kodiak bears through the Russian wilderness


and shirtless hunting trips

Russia's President Putin walks with a rifle in southern Siberia's Tuva region

and looking like a deadly assassin



and not only riding bears, but out swimming them



and being all over some big russian boobies




and getting dolphin kisses

putin dolphin


and playing with baby chicks

putin baby chicks


and being in a biker gang

putin biker gang


and wearing cool star snuggies with George W Bush

putin wears onsies with gw


If that’s what Aspergers looks like, count me in! Give me some Aspergers because that looks like fun!

And if the Pentagon is inferring that people with Aspergers can’t lead a world power… Wrong. I could give you a long list of people with Aspergers, that I know, that could definitely run the world.