This Week In “Wow, That’s Crazy”: Woman Celebrates 10 Year Wedding Anniversary With Her Two Cats, Spider And Lugosi

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Huff Post – People love their pets, but few love them in a manner that is giddily reported on by the British tabloids.

Barbarella Buchner: Woman celebrates 10-year anniversary after MARRYING her two pet cats” reads a headline that ran last week in the Mirror U.K. — and which Buchner tells The Huffington Post is mostly accurate.

“They are two tabby brothers, Lugosi and Spider, who are now 15 years old, and they are the loves of my life,” she says. “But actually, it’s 11 years this January, not 10.”

You know how there are some people that totally snap after a breakup? They snap and get themselves involved in relationships with blow up dolls, cars, or inanimate objects.. well this lady chose cats, which is arguably one of the most insane decisions ever. I don’t care how much she says “Oh this is just for fun… I’m not really married to them.. blah blah blah” because in her mind world, she is. And I have no doubt that that female cat she has is seen as a threat to her marriage with Spider and Lugosi.

I just cherry picked excerpts from the article.. here are a few and how I rate them on the crazy scale 1-10

Let’s get something straight first. Anybody who has a cat knows that there is no such thing as a “cat owner”! When you share your life with a cat, it’s you that’s being owned and you are the one that will serve the cat and cater to its every whim.


Q: Have you gotten to know other people who are married to animals?

No, not in real life, but I have read things about other people online who got married to their beloved animals. Total wackos, in my humble opinion. Oops, hang on. I’m one of them! LOL.

10+ “Oops, hang on. I’m one of them! LOL.”


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This woman is the conductor of the Crazy Town Express…

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And if Spider’s face doesn’t scream “DIVORCE” I don’t know what does..\

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