Aussie Company Will Ship Your Enemies Glitter Bombs Anonymously



(What a great line, simple, sweet, and to the point)

Huff Post –

Weaponized glitter is here.

The “irreverent” (i.e. replete with obnoxious, casual swearing) website Ship Your Enemies Glitter claims that it’ll send “so much glitter in an envelope that [the recipient will] be finding that s*** everywhere for weeks.”

The Australia-based company supposedly acts as a middleman in a passive-aggressive assault on anyone the sender hates who hates glitter. It costs about $8 U.S.

$9.99 that’s a fucking steal! This is a great idea. Glitter’s like herpes, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Seriously, you could come back from the bar and just have glitter on you.. no explanation, no idea where it came from, and good luck getting it off. That shit does NOT leave you. Glitter, unless you’re Ke$ha, is a fucking NIGHTMARE.

So.. the idea of sending my enemies anonymous glitter bombs.. does it excite me? Absolutely it does. But I’m an innovator, one of the great minds of our time.. so I’m going to take this idea and bring it to the next level. How about instead of glitter you send a box full of angry, angry hornets? Now I’m sure you’re thinking “that’s a great idea!” and it is..

I can’t think of anything worse. Maybe send your enemies awesome blankets with smallpox like the settlers did back in the day, or a box of shit.. nah.. hornets for sure, just like Charlie did in Always Sunny

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