Alright, It’s Official – Maroon 5’s ‘Sugar’ Music Video Is As Sweet As The Title Of The Song

The girl sent me this video today.. she knows that Sugar is currently the song I jam to in the shower – which is kind of a big deal. Music video is sick! I literally got chills every time the curtain dropped, dopest weddings ever! If Adam Levine showed up at my wedding, would I keep my composure..? I don’t know. It’s singing sensation Adam Levine we’re talking about here.. the Sexiest Man Alive.


No, I don’t keep my composure. But here’s the real question, how many brides did he sleep with? I counted 5 weddings.. 5 weddings = 5 brides – and I know my man Adam doesn’t go for anything short of 3 for 5. Over/Under on 2, I’m betting the over blindfolded.

Question #2: If your wife sleeps with Adam Levine on your wedding day.. can you be mad at her for that? Look. Only poor sports get mad at their spouses/girlfriends for sleeping with famous people like celebs or athletes.. Tyler Seguin tried to get at one of my exs, it happened.. pat on the back.. Nick Jonas tried too and probably succeeded, am I mad about it. Nah B. Because through the transitive property, I become famous (is that psychotic? absolutely.. there’s no validity in the previous statement but that’s how I justify my feelings).

In 10 years you’ll just end up looking back on it and laughing..

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.44.29 PM

*Looking at wedding photos*

Husband: Heyy honey that’s the day you banged Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, remember that?

Wife: How could I forget! Best sex I’ve ever had.. ever!

Husband: *Laughing fondly* I don’t doubt it, hun. Not for a second.