Judge Jeanine Pirro: ‘We Need To Kill Them!’ (Hint: She’s Talking About Muslims)

(Well, that was fucking ignorant)

Judge Jeanine Pirro, everybody! Snap it out for Judge Jeanine with the hottest take on terrorism. We need to kill the terrorists! It’s like Jeanine’s been living in a cave since 9/11. You know who listens to Judge Jeanine? Cotton headed ninny muggins, that’s who. Oh no you’re so right Jeanine, lets just bomb the arab world, level them out, and start fresh. Totally! Great idea coming from a courtroom reality TV judge on the fucking CW. Yeah, America, this is the voice we should all listen to.

It’s like FOX News is just trolling us now, trying to see how outrageous and inappropriate they can get.



PS – Judge Jeanine is the saddest attempt FOX News has had at diversity. Is she black? Close enough. Italian? Idk. White? Maybe. She’s like The Rock, keeps the people guessing

PPS – If you want me to listen to a courtroom personality, I’m ride or die with Judge Judy