Disney World Gaston SO HOT RIGHT NOW! Accepting Pushup Challenges And Fending Off Little Girls

There’s easily two ways to blog this

One, you really challenged Gaston to a pushup contest? Have you never seen Beauty and the Beast? Gaston is the strongest in all of the land! You don’t challenge him to a pushup contest.. in fact, if you want to leave Disney World with your dignity intact, you avoid that at all cost. You seek glory? You go find that overweight, top-heavy, loser bear, Winnie the Poo, or Mickey Mouse, he strikes me as a huge pussy, challenge them..

Now the other half of me says.. You lost a pushup contest to a Disney character… kill yourself (don’t actually, but definitely strongly consider it). Your shame is unbearable. Just think about it.. everything you have ever done in your whole entire life had led you to that moment where you were embarrassed by a Disney character in the wasteland they call Walt Disney World, in front of a crowd of people who go to Disney World to fulfill their sad dreams.. layers and layers of sadness.

PS – This Gaston guy is blowing up!

He’s hilarious watch how he handles this tiny nitwit of a child: