Watch This Video Of The Berkeley, CA, Police Beating On Helpless People

If anyone still thinks that we aren’t living in  police state… think again! This is beyond upsetting. If anyone is comfortable with the way things have been going around here, in “The Land of the Free,” wake the fuck up. We can’t sleep on this type of behavior. Police officers beating on the people they’ve sworn to protect, beating on women, beating on unarmed citizens. This is it. This police state is moving and moving fast. It’s hard not to feel helpless here.

I know there are a lot of good cops out there, cops that serve and protect, but I feel like for every good cop there are at least five cops that are alright with holding helpless people down, and willing to do so with a smile on their face. This isn’t the America I knew, this isn’t the play our fore fathers drew up, this is fascism.. Where are the checks and balances? What the fuck do we do now??

Comments? Suggestions?