Let’s Play A Game Called “Try Not To Cry: John Wall Edition”

Try not to cry, I dare you. I don’t know what it is about grown men crying, but it just touches a soft spot in my heart.. chicks cry over a lot of things like Ice Cream and the Notebook.. but grown men, when they cry.. especially John Wall, it really means something, there is genuine hurt behind grown man tears..

If you asked me who my favorite basketball player was a week ago.. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you (Probably Paul Pierce).. fast forward to today and John Wall has my vote. He’s a viciously talented guard, with an unbelievable drive to win. Just watch the highlights from last night’s 2OT game against the Celts. Unstoppable. Whenever his team needed him he delivered with acrobatic layups and clutch shooting.

But that’s not what this post is about.. this post is about John Wall as a person and his bond with 6 year-old Miyah who just lost her battle with cancer. No child should have to go through that. John Wall knows that, I know that. When I think about all the hope I had growing up, everything I’ve learned, all of the people I’ve met, all of the bonds I’ve made, all of the great experiences.. everyone deserves life, everyone deserves the chance to be happy, and it breaks my heart thinking of children like Miyah and Leah Still..

It’s the holiday season, make a difference.. go donate a few bucks to The Jimmy Fund or visit a local hospital and make a few kids smile!