I Just Wanted To Let Everyone Know That I ‘m The Best At Fantasy Football.. Nobody Is Better Than Me

Crown me.. give me the crown, I’m the king of fantasy football.. I’m the best manager I know. Simple as that

Jklol I suck at it soooo bad.. let’s take a live look at this week’s lineup..








Is is even possible to suck sooo bad that your two starting WRs combine for 2 catches and 12 total yards? I don’t even know. The voices in my head right now are like “Hey, Sam, you have Julian Edelman and Odell Beckham Jr. on your bench who have combined for 19 catches, 214 yards and 2 touchdowns.. and Odell Beckham Jr. is making freak catches in your face, just mocking you.. and he still has a quarter and a half left.. fucking kill yourself.”

I had a great feeling Kaepernick would explode against the Skins today… Wrong, he still fucking sucks… I just realized Scotty Chandler isn’t black.. that’s a bit of a let down.. Frank Gore’s washed up as fuck and I can’t seem to let him go.. I’m sitting Doug Baldwin for the rest of the season, he’s fucking out!

Gotta work with the guys I’ve got from here on out and it’s miserable..

So here’s what next week’s lineup looks like..

QB Russell Wilson (Mr. Inconsistent)

RB Frank Gore (Damn it)

RB Darren Sproles (Worst 2nd RB ever)

WR Julian Edelman (My favorite WR in the league)

WR Odell Beckham Jr. (Young blood)

TE Scott Chandler (White Boy)

Flex Julio Jones (Mr. Consistent)

D/ST Chargers (Ok)

K Sean Hauschka (Honestly if Russell can’t score touchdowns, Hauschka kicks FGs, I can deal.)

Actually, you know what.. fuck it! I quit the season, I quit it.

PS – Odell refuses to let up, keeps scoring points, keeps putting tears in my eyes..