For Those Of You Who Don’t Know, Amsterdam Has An Age Old Tradition Called ‘Black Pete’ Where Saint Nicholas And A Bunch Of Dudes In Blackface Bring Children Presents

Belgium Black Pete

AMSTERDAM, Nov 15 (Reuters) – Police arrested 60 people on Saturday as protesters clashed at a traditional Dutch festival for children which critics say is racist, but that many locals defend as harmless fun in the run up to Christmas.

The event re-enacts the arrival of Saint Nicholas, bringing presents for children and helped by his sidekick Black Pete, who is invariably played by a white person with a blackened face.

The celebration is increasingly seen as racist in a country that has become more diverse and multi ethnic since World War Two. But supporters of Black Pete say he is an integral part of Dutch culture that is now underfire from outsiders. 

Dutch going ham on the eye black like that Asian kid from Little Giants

little giants


I don’t know if the Dutch got the memo about blackface.. but.. it’s not allowed anymore. I know, right? What kind of world are we living in where you can’t dress up like an incredibly black and racist Santa’s helper?


Somebody call the PC Police..




On a serious note, what’s up Amsterdam? I don’t even know what to say.. they say it’s tradition, but black slavery used to be tradition too, and I’m pretty sure we dropped that like 150 years ago. Yikes.