NBA Releases Christmas Day Jerseys With First Name On Them Instead Of Last… DUMB

ESPN – If it’s not last, it’s first.

Derrick Rose

NBADerrick Rose’s Chicago Bulls will be among the 10 teams wearing the special jerseys Dec. 25.

The NBA on Friday released the style of the 10 team uniforms that will be worn Christmas Day, and the backs of the jerseys will feature players’ first names.

The fronts of the jerseys feature each team’s primary logo in the space where the team name or city is usually spelled out.

Adidas has produced the jerseys for fans to buy at retail for $110.

The Christmas Day slate includes the Wizards at Knicks, Thunder at Spurs, Cavaliers at Heat, Lakers at Bulls and Warriors at Clippers.

Ahhh It feels like it was just yesterday that I was saying how stupid it would be if NBA jerseys had first names on them instead of last names… oh wait, no, it was yesterday.. I did say that just yesterday. We were playing 2K and I was like “You know what would be a stupid move? If they had first names on their jerseys instead of last names..” Dumbest jerseys ever. They’re always pretty cool on Christmas, except for last year’s sleeve jerseys, but I’d take everyday’s jersey over these dumb designs.