Jose Conseco Thinks Comet Travel Is The Key To Ruling The Universe, Also Loses His Finger Again Playing Poker


Jose Conseco is all about the eye grabbing headlines.. You start a headline with “Jose Conseco _____” and I click it because there’s never a dull moment with Conseco, he’s always going. Couple weeks ago he blew his finger off while cleaning both of his guns at the same time.. this week week he’s going on Twitter rants about space travel, planet colonies and interstellar trade.

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So I think it’s safe to say that Conseco is one of those crazy guys who sincerely believes in aliens, but doesn’t call them aliens, calls them “Galatic Beings”.. Because that’s what his community of believers calls them.. But props to Conseco for being the only person worried about out of this world job creation. A true interstellar economist and visionary.

Here’s exactly what lead up to this rant.. Jose Conseco went to the movies, saw Interstellar, was MIND BLOWN. I can only imagine that he also picked up some sweet powdery coke afterwards, did some it, read the news about NASA landing on a comet, was MIND BLOWN again, had a Jimmy Neutron moment, and BOOOOOM Conseco ran with it! Try stopping that train of thought once it left the station.

BIG PS – If you haven’t already heard, Conseco’s finger fell off again while he was playing poker.. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 3.43.00 PM

Double PS – Don’t worry, he put it in the freezer, situation is under control.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 3.44.49 PM

It’s ‘Finger Food*’ Bro.

If you want to see a sick picture of his finger barely hangin on go to

I promise this post will end soon.. but I just can’t get enough Conseco in my life right now.. maybe one of the all time greatest tweeters of all time:


Would you? Obvious answer is yes.

Conseco’s 2013 New Year’s Resolutions:



Little blurry, but still amazing, so here’s to waiting for 2014’s resolutions.. 100 dollars says #1 is still “Spend more time with my daughter”

Keep doing you Conseco, I’ll never get bored of you.