Randy Moss Said He’d Come Back To The NFL If He Could Play With One Specific QB.. You’ll Never Guess Who

NFL: Super Bowl XLVIII-Fox Sports Press Conference

NESN – Randy Moss wouldn’t play for just any old team if he were to make an NFL comeback.

The former New England Patriots wide receiver has been working as a Fox Sports 1 analyst since his retirement after the 2012 season, but one guy would make him consider a return to the gridiron.

“For me to come out of retirement for a player such as Peyton Manning, I would consider that,” Moss said on “The Peter Schrager Podcast” last week, via CBSSports.com. “I really would consider it. I’m still in great shape, I can still run. I’m not the most old, but just by looking at the things I see on Sundays, I can still go out there and catch some passes and catch some touchdowns.”

It certainly would be a sight to see 37-year-old Moss — whose 15,292 receiving yards and 156 touchdown catches rank third and second all time, respectively — catching passes from Manning. Moss believes he’d have no problem making a comeback either, as he stressed during Tuesday’s episode of ESPN’s “Pardon The Interruption” that he didn’t retire because of his age.

“The one thing that people don’t understand, guys, is one day I will hopefully get to tell my story of why I retired from the game of football,” Moss said, per CBSSports.com. “It had nothing to do with the money, it had nothing to do with my physical ability. There were some things going on in my family life, going on with my children that I had to walk away from the game and be there for them as their father and as their protector.”

Still, Manning isn’t the only guy from whom Moss would catch passes. Moss also mentioned another elite quarterback on “PTI” — one with whom who he’s very familiar.

“For me to be able to say that I still miss the game, I still love the game — I’m loving what I’m doing here at Fox, don’t get it wrong — but for me to be able to come back to the game for a guy like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, guys, I might consider something like that,” Moss said.

Oh man, when I started reading this article, I was ready to rip Moss a new one, ready to flip him the old bird.. but he half redeemed himself at the end, so I won’t take that approach.

I’d have to say though, if your first choice is to play with Peyton over Brady, there’s something wrong with you. As if these stats haven’t been shoved down our throats as of late.. but Brady’s a winner. He’s been to 5 Super Bowls, has 3 rings and boasts an 18-7 playoff record. Most playoff wins all-time (2 ahead of Joe Montana). Manning is 1-2 in the Super Bowl (pussy!) and has a 10-11 career playoff record.

I don’t care about MVPs or Sportsman of the Year Awards.. that doesn’t matter. Winning does. If I’m Randy Moss, I’m day dreaming about the 2008 season and all of it’s glory, not dreaming about square dancing in practice with that goofy big headed goober, Peyton, who picks his nose by the way..




Maybe I’m just hurt when Moss says he’d come back for Peyton, but at least I’m not an idiot.