I Can’t Stand Neil deGrasse Tyson And His Dumb ‘Mysteries of #Interstellar’ Tweets (Spoilers)

Alright, so Neil deGrasse Tyson went on a twitter bender about Interstellar. I mean he lives for moments like these, where he watches a movie far too closely and is just like “OOOOOO GOTCHA!” I can’t imagine what watching a movie with him is like. I’ll give him one thing, not only was Interstellar a mind fuck, I had almost no idea what to make of it after I left the movies. My only question was, “What just happened?” Everyone’s puzzled, deGrasse. We get it, you’re a scientist. It was kind of funny when you called out James Cameron for the inaccuracies of his night sky in The Titanic. That was funny, I could have a good laugh at that. But if you’re going to breakdown the scientific aspects of every movie, we’re done, dude. So let’s rake through the tweets, where I will be challenging Neil the scientist as a lowly blogger/movie viewer…

neil 1 

Didn’t even watch the movie. McConaughey’s body just flew out of a spaceship in the middle of black hole… he doesn’t have a pen or paper.. Who the fuck brings a pen and paper into space with them? What the fuck is a tesseract?

neil 2

 No clue, it’s part of the plot.. IDK ask Christopher Nolan.

neil 3

 Valid, I’ll allow it.. that is absurd..

neil 4

Were you even paying attention, Neil?? The truck had 6 tires on it.. now I’m no scientist but 6-1 = 5, pretty sure you could still rip it through a cornfield.

neil 5

If Chris Nolan wanted to put a black hole near Earth he would have, but this is Hollywood, anything is possible, nothing is easy.. wait, does deGrasse think this was a documentary? It’s possible.

neil 6

 Actually a good point. Why weren’t be busy colonizing mars? I heard there’s ice on Mars.. which means water, which means organisms??

neil 7

Neil definitely wanted McConaughey to die during the climax, for science’s sake, he was probably rooting for Matt Damon’s character. I’m starting to think that deGrasse doesn’t enjoy anything in life.

neil 8

 I think he missed the premise of the entire movie.. Earth was too far gone. That’s what set up the rest of the movie.. I don’t even know what more I need to say.

neil 9

 True, true. Very true. In Oklahoma they believe that the Earth was created 6,000 years ago.. I know right? That’s absurd.

But I mean, all in all, deGrasse just doing deGrasse things reading way too far into, ruining all the fun for himself. Must be hard to be him, such a special mind.

Here’s a real question.. How was McConaughey his daughter’s ghost? Time is relative right? There’s no way that he could have gone back in time to be in the 5th dimension while he was in the room with her before he left. My mind is in shambles right now even thinking about it. I’ll give a blow job to the first person who can answer that question for me.. assuming nobody can.

And how wise did that Romilly get after spending 23 years on the station alone while they went on that mission? They get back and Romilly’s aged like 23 years and he’s just a chill old black man. They’re like “did you hibernate?” “I took a few short naps”.. Laugh out loud funny.