FEAT Champion Of The Day: 10 Year Old Mountain Bike Freestyler Jackson Goldstone, Kid Shreds Like You Wouldn’t Believe

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 1.02.02 AM

Wow, just wow. Think for a second, what were you doing at 10? I was at the park climbing trees and picking daisies, and crushing wiffle ball homeruns (which is pretty badass, in it’s own right)… But 10 year old Jackson Goldstone wakes up in the morning and asks himself, “How many backflips can I do on the old bike today?” “How much hang time can I get off 20 foot half pipes?” This kid is UNREAL. The stuff of a phenom. Remember this kid, he’ll be riding with the big dogs soon. I know he’s only 10 years old, but I know potential when I see it and this kid has it in spades. He’s fearless.

Here’s a quote from Jackson that I just found on the interweb:

I don’t know what the future of the Red Bull Rampage as an event will be, but if the opportunity compete in five years is still there, I would love to have a go! But until then I will just keep riding, trying new things and enjoying every bit of it.”

Kid is just living life to the fullest. Just can’t stop him. He wants it.

So cheers to Jackson and all of his future FEATs.

PS – That backflip at the end, effortless.