Conway v Delgado.. Just A Quick Update/Rundown of the Rap Scene Here At Umass Right Now

The dust has cleared for a minute..

We’ve all witnessed what’s been going down here at Umass. A rap battle to end all rap battles.. A battle of GODS.. Two names, John “Godway” Conway and Don Gadi Delgado. We’ve seen John Conway breaking out the cellphone, recording some sweet dope rap music. Hearing an “Uh-Oh” here and an “Uh-Oh” there. Here an UH there an UH everywhere an Uh-Oh! But what I’m about to do is run all of this down to give you a better idea of the rap battle that’s on the verge of fruition.

Delgado (Don Gadi) Vs. John “Godway” Conway


Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 12.28.25 AM

Ding, ding, ding.. here we go.. let the games begin!

Part I

“Uh Oh”

Smashing tracks like goddamn Barry Bonds out there!

Pretty much re-coined the phrase UH-OH.. which is just kind of like “Bae” now, you can say that anything is “Uh-oh.” A few examples: “I burned my toast, that’s uh-oh!” “When I was growing up, my mom inadvertently let my hamster eat rat poison and it died, and I don’t think I’m over it yet, it was like a small animal brother to me, that’s uh-oh!”

But anyway…. I mean, if we’re speaking frankly.. this guy can carry a motherfuckin tune! What raw talent! You go John!

Part II

“Views from Amherst”

He doesn’t have time to study, but he studies? I don’t get it. Stop trying to puzzle me, Conway! What is this some Interstellar shit where you didn’t have time, but you found time in another dimension, and used that time to study? Because before you didn’t have time to study, but you studied. I can’t even make sense of that.. and I thought he was just saying “gay” over and over again, but it turns out he was saying “gang” What a FEROCIOUS track!

Part III


0:22 jacket comes off, 0:36 hat is gone, 1:02 shirt BOOM GONE, like clock work. Bonus points for the solid crew in the video.

Killin the game!

But wait, Delgado in the building, what a game changer!

The white friend, I need more of the white friend! Like, Delgado’s good, and I mean that (look up his other stuff), but the white kid is killin it! White wash jeans galore! I had a pair of those in the late 90s, my mom got them from GAP.. but that’s neither here nor there. He knows he’s ridiculous and he rolls with it. Love it. Just awkward walking and spinning and gun signs all over the place.

But WAIT, stop the presses! Lil T-Cup just dropped this in both of their eyes

Boom roasted. Game over, everybody go home.. Lil T-Cup so hot right now, Lil T-Cup. Nobody saw that coming nobody. I am thisssssss close to jumping into the whole rap game thing. Just waiting on my moment.

PS – Here’s a little bonus Delgado, production is pretty good.

He’s got real potential… but he’s not illuminati that’s for sure… because if he was, he’d already be filthy rich. Fat stacks, Rick Ross money.