Kobe Calling Dwight ‘Soft’ Is My Favorite Moment Of This Day Old NBA Season

(1:28 mark, Kobe shakes his head and says “soft”.. and you Dwight’s feelings were hurt and he didn’t have a comeback)

Couple things here… Carlos Boozer, I’ve been playing enough 2k15 to know that if you miss that easy put in, in the beginning of the video, you’re out.. I don’t want you.. you’re worthless to me.. you can be waterboy for a half.

Second thing, no way Howard hit Kobe in the face by accident, he’s a huge pussy and would do that.. Plus, what? You’re not scared of Kobe? Kobe would eat you alive.. he knows it, you know it.. everyone knows it.. that’s why you left.

BAM NBA’s back baby! Celtics are contending for and 8th seed in the playoffs this year.. maybe a 7 if we can stay healthy..

But.. let me just say, I played with the Celts on the PlayStation machine yesterday, looking good guys.

PS – If I was an NBA caliber basketball player, I’d kill to play with Kobe