Little Girl Crying Because She’ll Never Be Able To Meet George Washington Is Such A Phony

Yeah, not buying it lady. What a Bieber girl imposter we have right here.. you’re telling me you want to meet George Washington? Is one of the One Direction kids named George Washington? Am I missing something here? Are we actually talking about our forefather? That wooden toothed, curly headed fuck? That’s who you chose to cry over today? Yeah right. You’re about 217 years too late to get on the George Washington train. I don’t think I ever got riled up enough to cry about one of our forefathers, or any 200+ year old american politician. I was probably into girl cartoon characters when I was that age, like a fucking degenerate child.. probably crushed on some Disney princess, probably had the hots for Cinderella.

But come on. This is the exact same shit we saw out of that little girl that cried about not seeing Bieber. Almost word for word.

Hey George Washington girl, be more normal, cry over some popstar or something.

PS – I missed the part where she said she thought George Washington was our president right now.. WHAT AN IDIOT! Have a feel.