LeBron Saying That He Didn’t Forget Who’s Team He Was On When He Set A Pick For Norris Cole The Other Night Is Laugh Out Loud Funny


ESPN – No, James said, he didn’t think he was still playing for the Miami Heat during that bizarre play in the Cavs’ preseason game against his former team last weekend. And yes, James explained, he was indeed able to forgive owner Dan Gilbert for what happened between them before and pave the way for his return home.

“How did I forgive? I’m a man,” James said. “Men, we all make mistakes.”

But first James refuted the notion that he accidentally set a pick on his new teammate, guardMatthew Dellavedova, while former teammate Norris Cole was setting up the Heat’s offense in the first quarter.


“For non-basketball people,” James began with a smirk when asked about the apparent blooper before the Cavs played the Indiana Pacers in Cincinnati on Wednesday, “our coverage is for me to show and for Delly [Dellavedova] to go under me and we just didn’t get the call right at the time. Delly was supposed to slide under me and we kind of ran into each other.

“So, for non-basketball people, they like to critique everything that I do. It’s stupid.”

Dellavedova had a similar account of the flubbed defensive coverage.

“My family sent me the link of it,” Dellavedova told ESPN.com. “He just showed out [on the ball handler] and I just needed to go under. So, it wasn’t really anything. I mean, you know how the media can get, right? It’s obviously more crazy with anything involving LeBron.”

Don’t you dare for a second try to show me a triangle and tell me it’s a square.. I know what I saw, LeBron.. Just admit it, just say “Alright for a second there I thought I was playing for the Heat again.” That’s it.. everyone will laugh.. I wouldn’t even call you stupid for that. I do that shit all the time in 2K, think I’m on offense, but I’m really just confused and actually on defense.. it happens.

And how about Dellavedova trying to tell us he showed out on the ball handler.. Ha.. yeah, ok..


Lucky Norris Cole sucks.. because if I was playing you in 2K I would have rolled off your pick and jammed it home.