If This Budweiser Anti-Drunk Driving Ad Doesn’t Make You Tear Up, Check Yourself Because You Might Be A Robot Unable To Access Human Feelings

Hey Sam’s feelings, it’s been a while. What a home run of an ad, making me feel feelings like I’m in the eighth grade again. This has been out for almost two weeks and I haven’t seen it yet, so I might be a bit behind the curve, but talk about a real tear jerker.. here I am at the 0:37  mark just wanting to hug that dog and tell him everything’s alright.. and then the happy ending.. I can’t even right now.. this really hit home for me because it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to raise a dog as my own.. Fuck girlfriends, I want a dog.. a buddy to watch cartoons with on the couch all Saturday long, a best friend to play fetch with.. I’m not ready for a human baby, so a dog is perfect.

Bottom line though.. don’t drink and drive. Especially if you have a loyal dog that loves you.


This is what I want to wake up to.