Nesquik Girl Scout Cookie Milk? Oh My Game Change


My khakis are ruined, and I’ll tell you why.. because I just came. I love Nesquik, grew up on this shit just like every other blue collar american kid. Chocolate milk, strawberry milk.. whatever, cool, awesome, I love it.. but you throw samoas milk at me and I’m jumping for joy.

Who cares if I’m lactose intolerant? It’s just science, I’m almost convinced that it’s just a state of mind.. I crush ice cream, I chug chocolate milk.. Yeah, sure, I cramp up and break into a cold sweat right after.. whatever.. if you’re not living life by the “do now, deal with the consequences later” doctrine, maybe you should take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror.

PS – If they have girl scouts selling this stuff by the case.. put me down for a few.. because it’s impossible not to buy anything from girl scouts.. they’re piranha like sales associates, they’re vicious, their mothers are vicious.

Sofia Vergara has to make the best chocolate milk this world has ever tasted.. what a triple threat.. pure, unadulterated talent.


I heard chocolate milk is a natural aphrodisiac…