Urban Outfitters Selling Blood Stained Kent State Sweatshirts.. Great Look, Nailed It!

kent state

Oh man, I need to meet the genius who designed these.. like there are good ideas and then there are GOOOD ideas.. and this for sure is the latter.

Here’s the thing though, there’s a great chance that the people who shop at Urban’s probably don’t know about Kent State. This is 21st Century America we’re talking about.. there are so many ignorant people.. you’ve probably seen the videos where interviewers ask people things like “What is Memorial Day?” and get the most ignorant responses, like, “It’s a day where everyone barbecues.. Idk..” I wouldn’t be surprised if Urban got away with it this time. But unfortunately they didn’t.. not a great look.

And, I mean, I’d like to think I’m in the “know” when it comes to fashion.. like I know New York Fashion Week just happened.. didn’t hear anything about blood spatter being “in”.. but you know, if it’s “in” it’s “in” and there’s nothing I can do but buy, buy, buy.