Let Me Address This LeSean McCoy Tipping Situation

lesean tip

Look, I’m a guy who generally tips at least 15% on a bill.. at least. Sometimes 20%.. and if the bill’s relatively small maybe even 25%.. Because I value service.. I understand that these people rely on tips to get by. Plus, lets be real, ladies love guys that tip. It’s sweet and considerate to tip well.. so it has it’s perks there as well.

So LeSean McCoy tipped $0.20 on a $61.56 bill.. well that’s a jerk move, plain and simple. But, I have more of a problem with people that post receipts to the interweb.. Everyone claps it out for this restaurant owner that put Shady McCoy on blast.. really doing the lords work, bud. With the press this guy is seeking, you’d think he wants a benefit concert to make up for the rest of the tip Shady didn’t leave.

So what, he left 20 cents on 61.. get over it.. no need to take action, guy. Be better than that, you just end up looking like kind of a pussy.

Bottom line is some people are good tippers and some people are not. One time my friend was waiting on Kobe.. the guy walked out on his bill.. didn’t even sign it.. and when she chased him down, he apologized and left 10% tip.. 10%.. Some people just suck at tipping.

Another time, my friend was serving Waka Flocka and his entourage, all blazed, and they left something ridiculous like 50%.. 

So, if LeSean’s gonna leave $0.20 on $61.. sucks, get over it. Chances are he meant no harm by it.. probably thought his signature was worth the 12 dollars he didn’t leave.. actually, that’s exactly what happened. Case closed.