Just Had To Chime In On This DiGiornos Pizza #WhyIStayed Tweet


In the wake of the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal, “#WhyIStayed” was trending on Twitter so naturally DiGiornos Pizza tweeted, “#WhyIStayed he had pizza.” Classic joking about domestic violence

So DiGiornos is playing the ignorance card here. “Wait a minute we didn’t realize #WhyIStayed was about domestic violence survivors..” Yeah ok DiGiornos. Here’s what happened in reality “Hey guys, I have a great idea! Let’s make a light joke about domestic violence. Ready? ‘#WhyIStayed he had pizza.'” “LOL Jerry that’s great, tweet that right now, we’ll take the country by storm with that joke!”

I do admire people that deny deny deny though. Deny til you die. Unless there’s sufficient evidence to put you down for the count, have to deny. My parents used to ask me questions like “Did you have a party while we were gone?” “Nope.” “So why are there 30 squeezed limes in the sink?” “Limeade.” “Well, where’s the limeade then?” “Drank it.” “Why’s there an empty handle of cuervo in the recycling?” “I don’t know. Not mine.” Did I think they were going to test the bottle for DNA? No. Deny, deny, deny. My word against yours mom. Seeya later.

PS – No way they didn’t know what they were doing here.