Let The Record Show That I Am Now In Love With T-Swift

Let the record show that August the 19th, 2014 is the day I officially fell in-love with Taylor Swift. She can literally be my girlfriend if she wants to. Like sure, she’s been on my radar for years and years.. this whole time I had no idea I was in-love.. no idea whatsoever.. but now it’s ofishhhhh. I want to climb the highest mountain and announce to the world that I’m in-love and I don’t care who knows it!!

This song is straight fire. What a curveball. T-Swift so versatile right now, so versatile. I always said that Taylor Swift was an absolute basket case.. crazier than crazy.. but I was wrong, she knows exactly what she’s doing. Have fun trying to get the chorus out of your head. You won’t be able to. Players gonna play play play play play! Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate! Alright T, playas gon’ play. I can’t even right now.


I mean, come on…

UPDATE: Still not over this song.