George W. Bush Soooo Sneaky With This Ice Bucket Challenge

Fucking GW in the house!! Doing the ice bucket challenge like a savage! “Soaking myself in ice water wouldn’t be presidential… so I’m just going to write a check SIIIIIKE! SOAKED!”

I couldn’t stand this guy when he was in office.. maybe it was because he dragged us into war in the Middle East.. or maybe because he sent our economy into the shitter.. I don’t know.. either way, guy’s absolutely balling out now. There are two former presidents whose shoes I’d like to fill for a day: George Bush and Bill Clinton. If you’re GW, you’re crushing life. Hanging on the beach, cracking a few cold ones, doing the most american things possible.. maybe fathering a family of American Bald Eagles, I don’t know..

On the other hand, If you’re Bill, you’re probably enjoying a bakers dozen of fine colombian prostitutes while Hillary’s on her book tours (this in no way is true, but purely from my imagination of who Bill Clinton is) or maybe you’re just crushing hamburgers and booty calls from your mansion.. my imagination is honestly running wild.


The party don’t stop.