Metta World Peace Is Moving To China… So Naturally He’s Changing His Last Name To “Panda Friend”

ESPN – “Metta World Peace” no more?
The 15-year NBA veteran formerly known as Ron Artest said he is considering changing his name yet again. World Peace, who signed a one-year deal with the Sichuan Blue Whales of the Chinese Basketball Association, now plans to go by “The Pandas Friend.”

Artest legally changed his name to Metta World Peace in Sept. 2011. It’s unknown whether or not the new change will be legally binding.

The 34-year-old small forward expressed his interest in another alias and the cuddly bear native to south central China in the days leading up to the report.

World Peace has been known to make bold, wild proclamations on Twitter in the past. Let’s see if this one sticks.

Obvious choice. Obvious. This shouldn’t even be news.. If Metta’s moving to China you better believe he’s changing his name to something like ‘Panda Friend’ or ‘Rice Lover’.. Just to let the Chinese know that he’s one of them, that he’s not so different.. Guys, I’m a friend to pandas and I love white rice.. it’s called assimilation, read about it. You’re not going to not fit in, right?
I’m half surprised Metta didn’t change his last name to something abhorrently racist, like Ching Chang.. glad he didn’t go down that road.