Chrissy Teigan Threw Out A Great First Pitch At The Dodgers Game Last Night


First of all.. awesome. I love Chrissy Teigan. She’s hot. She’s pretty much as exotic as I can imagine going. Her jersey said “Nugz” and she had a blue ribbon in her hair AKA she’s cute as a button. And the shorts pull down she executed when she got to the mound was the definition of the “I’m sexy and I know it”. And let’s clap it out for the guy at 1:37 who goes for not one, not two, but three high fives. I guess when you just can’t get enough, you just can’t get enough. Chrissy Teigan so hot right now! Chrissy Teigan!!

PS – People are saying she was drunk.. I’d have to be drunk to throw out a first pitch.. hell I have to be drunk to stand in front of ten people at drunk karaoke.