Well It’s Late July And The Sox Are Still 9.5 Games Out Of 1st Place

sad sox

So.. about a month ago, I had a little hope for the Sox.. 9 games didn’t really seem that bad.. but now. Nope. It’s pretty late in the season and they seem like at this point they’re more than content with being the epitome of mediocre. Might as well be picking daisies out there..

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 9.13.33 PM

So, I’m putting this team to rest.. kind of letting them down slowly. But here’s the deal, here’s the new angle.. I’m hopping on the ‘I hope the Bluejays crash and burn’ bandwagon.

Because, time and time again, Toronto has proved to be a first half team that fizzles out in the most miserable way possible. They’re playoff record of 0 wins 0 losses in the last 20 years pretty much speaks to that. They never finish what they started. Toronto is the poster-child for inconsistent consistency. Like you know exactly what’s going down every season… and yet, the people of Toronto get fucking pumped when the Jays are firing on all cylinders in mid-may.. they start thinking maybe this is the year.. maybe the Jays bring home the AL Pennant.

There were a ton of Blue Jays fans in comment sections across the internet who were like “Jays are going to win the Series” “Jays are wayy better than the Sox” blah blah blah.. well, you fucking nerds, if the playoffs started today the Blue Jays would be watching from home..

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 9.15.09 PM

I mean, the Sox are done, they’re cooked.. and if the Sox aren’t going to the playoffs, I will be GODDAMNED if the Blue Jays finish anywhere near the top. It’ll be fun to watch them squander the division and miss the playoffs for the 20th year in a row.