I Have Girl Drama And I Hate It.. Just When I Think I Like One Girl BOOOM I Like Another Girl

So like you know how you think you like one girl and then all the sudden you like another girl.. and it’s a confusing time.. and you want them both.. but you can’t have them both.. because life just doesn’t work that way.. and you can’t even have one because they’re fictional characters..

So, I thought I had it all figured out.. I thought the love of my life was Daenerys Targaryen


She’s just so fierce, so fiery.. the Mother of Dragons.. just such a hot girl babe.. and I thought for a hot minute.. Is this the girl?.. Is she the one? I was ready to call my mom and tell her I finally found the right girl for me…

But wait hold on..








Margaery Tyrell?



You are literally killing me here.. like do you want me to choose?? I don’t know what is about Margaery, but I love it.. maybe it’s the fact that she moves on from Joffery without missing a beat, and just wants to be queen.. maybe it’s the relentless side boob.. maybe it’s her adorably sexy face.. whatever it is, I want her!

and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have surprising me in the middle of the night..

Tommen Baratheon you lucky bastard..