How About This Comcast Representative Refusing To Disconnect This Guy’s Service (absolutely hilarious)

I fucking despise Comcast. They’re just mean old bullies. Just dumb stupid idiots. Anyone try to get their Comcast service connected..? You wait in your house for like 4 fucking hours praying that Comcast will show up.. and you’re always like “Oh they’ll be here this time.. no way they ‘no show’ again like they did last time, they wouldn’t do that to me…” and then you get a call from Comcast like “Hey we attempted to stop by your residence and nobody was there.. we can come back on thursday..” If it takes under a week for them to stop bullshitting you, and just show up.. you should consider yourself lucky.

So this story is sooooo classic Comcast. Guy just refusing to disconnect you. However and it hurts me to say this, but.. I am so Team Comcast right now.. I refuse to be Team @ryan.. because first of all who the fuck gets their first name as their twitter handle? That’s not fair.. if you have that much power to get “@ryan”, you don’t deal with this petty shit.. you don’t record Comcast calls. Peasants do that. If your name was @ryan_3299 you’d probably do that because you came to the twitter party soooo late in the game that every previous variation of “ryan” was taken.

Second of all, I can’t have a guy on my team who’s literally shaking in his boots rattled by a Comcast representative..

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 8.06.33 PM

Get a fucking feel @ryan, and while you’re at it, get some fucking Rogaine for Men too. Don’t get so rattled @ryan.. you should have known you were going into battle with Comcast.. you may have accomplished your goal, you may have disconnected and won that war.. but you literally lost all of your metaphorical men in battle.

If I was Comcast, I’d give this employee a medal of cable honor.. there’s nobody more emotionally invested in your company than that representative. He is ride or die. He cares. I want him.. he brings the passion, he looks out for the company.

Best quotes from the call:

Comcast: “So you don’t want something that works??”

@ryan: “No, I guess I don’t want something that works..”

Alright, @ryan, way to say something that makes sense..

PS – and how about this @ryan saying he’ll just send “a task rabbit” to the Comcast store. Cool move, bro.. actually wait, I want a task rabbit.. no scratch that, I need a task rabbit.