I Need Writers Now!! Good Ones!!

Alright here’s the fucking deal.. I’m ready to acquire writers, I’ve been ready for a long time now..

Here’s my goal, my view, my dream…

I’m ready to build, and build big.. come September we will be in full force at the Break Room.. It’s going to be a big deal, it’s going to be multi-media.. we’re talking videos, blogs, mini-documentaries.. Reality TV shit, real stuff.. I’m pretty much open to anything.. Pretty much trying to build Prestige Worldwide.. we’re talking barstool meets funny or die..

“Writers??? Possssibly You!”

– No. 1 Priority, I need a Brennan Huff to my Dale Doback. The Jonah Hill to my Channing Tatum.. A RIGHT HAND MAN.. NEED IT. I need people who are willing to put liquid paper on bees with me.. people who are willing to go to war with me.

– I have a great football guy, he’ll be back in August.. He’ll be covering the Pats and any football news and controversies.. and I can’t fucking wait.

– I need a CHICK WRITER, a funny one. She should be fierce, Sasha Fierce fierce. She should be strongly opinionated, she should be ready to build an empire, and she should strive to put me in my place. Hell, I’ll even take two. You should also be able to give the best dating advice amongst other things.

– I need a MUSIC GUY, one of those annoying people that can’t stop talking about music and loves the sound of their own voice.. someone who can deliver beats on a daily basis.. ehh we can start at a couple posts a week.. no need to bite of more than you can chew.

– I’ve got a few guys interested in writing, and I’m pumped.. but I’ve had guys on board before.. and it’s never stuck.. other things get in the way, school, work, etc.

Basically guys.. Cs get degrees.. if you don’t already know that.. do less.. slave work homework can wait.. I need people who are willing to make something big.. this is the internet, it’s not hard to get big.. people have done it before.. and if you’re not ready to go balls to the walls, I don’t want you on my team. Hell, if we can make it, there will be money in it.. dump trucks full of hundos, Rick Ross money, gold chains, I can promise you that (kind of not really).

Lastly.. I’m the Editor, I’m big hoss.. but I in no way will be a boss.. I’m the lone captain, the player-coach, trying to build a dream team.


All aboarddd!!