Lindsay Lohan Says Creators Of Grand Theft Auto 5 Based A Character Off Of Her Without Her Permission.. Sues Them

It’s always fun to check in with Lindsay, see what she’s gotten herself into this time, that kinda stuff.. never a dull moment.. always crazy, always out of control. Now.. she’s suing the creators of GTA 5, claiming that they based the character Lacey Jones off of an image of her without her permission.

So I did a little sleuth work google search:

Exhibit A:

Lacey Jones from GTA 5


Exhibit B:

The two pictures in question


Hey, crazy. How delusional can you get..? You think you’re the only hot blonde babe in a red bikini throwing up the deuces? Google image search that and get back to me.. better yet, go on Instagram every once in a while.. There’s that and then there’s…

Poker star Lacey Jones.. maybe the character is based off of her..



Doubt it though.. it’s not like they bare the same resemblance, or name or whatever..