Yahoo Question Of The Day: “I Eat Too Many Bananas?”

Alright, new daily post: “Yahoo Question Of The Day” Why have I never thought about this?? This is a treasure trove of ridiculousness…

Question one: I eat too many bananas?

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 6.29.57 PM



This may sound like a ridiculous question but.. are you absolutely fucking insane, kid??

I honestly don’t even know where to start.. Scientist Sam says “You most likely have a potassium deficiency and thus have a craving for bananas, a natural source of potassium.. very natural.” Blogger Sam, however, thinks your a bonafide psychopath.. if you’re putting three bananas in a personal smoothie for one.. You’re a madman. One banana in a smoothie is perfect, two is pushing it.. but three, that’s borderline insanity.

Kid, we’re talking anywhere from 6-10 bananas a day. If I was your mom, and found you sucking down a “4 banana nice cream bowl” I’m shutting that shit down, that’s not right. I know you meant “ice cream bowl” but “nice cream bowl” really feels good coming off the tongue.

Conclusion: Cut the shit with the bananas, be a normal kid.. crush push pops, crush cookies, crush something normal.

PS – I love Yahoo Answers most of them are statements followed by question marks, sounds like everyone’s reading off of Ron Burgundy’s teleprompter..