So.. Umm.. The Japanese Fans Cleaned Up Their Stadium Section After Japan Lost To Chile?

japanese pick trash

So, word on the street is that the Japanese fans cleaned the stadium after the Japan National Team lost…? A friend started telling me “Dude you wouldn’t believe what the Japanese fans did after Japan lost yesterday..” I was almost certain he was going to say they committed mass suicide by katana.. That’s not even racist, that’s a totally fair assumption.. but cleaning up all the trash? I almost couldn’t believe that either.. Until I saw it on Buzzfeed and other outlets.. This is sOoOoOoO Japan. So Japanese right here. These guy’s are literally all about Honor. If the National Team couldn’t bring Honor to their country.. the fans had to find a way to amend it.

When my team loses, I’m the first to hit the isle. Game over. Season over. I’m not sticking around, I am racing the crowds to the stairs, trying to beat people to the punch.. I’m looking for the smoothest exit possible.. no waiting in a sea of people for me.. I’m ready to hit the streets, grab some food, probably something greasy to soak up my sadness.. I’m 100% not cleaning up trash.

I’m the fucking worst. I’m the guy that leaves his large soda cup in the cup holder after the movies done.. or leave my empty french fry tray underneath my seat at the ballgame.. I actually couldn’t even be bothered to pick up trash.. If that makes me an asshole, I guess I’m an asshole.. I mean, I’m not even trying to be an asshole. I don’t know.

But this cleaning the stadium shit is either a great cultural show of respect.. or… absolute insanity. I’ll let you be the judge..

PS – Who the fuck is this guy supposed to be?

crazy jap

All I know is that comb is 10000% necessary.