Mariah Carey Just Casually Trying To Pull A Fast One On Everybody

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I saw on Buzzfeed that Mariah Carey was throwing up photos from 1997 on Instagram like she’d just taken them that day.. Which begs the question.. Does Mariah wake up everyday and pretend like it’s 1997 still? I don’t blame her..Like does she have Nick Cannon leave out a newspaper from 1997 on the breakfast table, and complain about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski, and talk about how excited she is to go see James Cameron’s new flick The Titanic..? I don’t blame her, I would be denial too if I peaked in the late 90s..

My sexiness peaked in the years 2008-2011.. I throw up pics from 5 years ago all the time, and try to pull a fast one on everybody.. Try to make myself believe that I’m still a stud.. But Mariah, babe, look at J. Lo.. Jenny’s hot, she’s in her 40s throwing Haymakers on social media left and right, she doesn’t have to go through photo albums from the last century.. Do it like J. Lo.. You end up looking a little washed up..

But I’ll still always love Mariah for one reason and one reason only..

This is the “It’s officially Christmas Season” song.. infact it’s kind of a jam all year round..

PS – Mariah Carey was an 11 in ’97, no doubt about that.