Game 4 Of The NBA Finals Was Nothing Short Of Shocking.. Has Bron And Ray Saying “What Happened??”

Coming off of a rare home loss in Game 3 (haven’t lost back to back games in 48 playoff games), the Heat seemed like they were gearing up for an absolute statement game, a game that says this is our fourth consecutive finals and chance at a 3-peat… Stephen A . Smith said they’d beat the Spurs by seven, Skip even said they’d beat em’ by a score of 101-86.. Both said Chalmers would have a bounce back game, and Bron would show that he was truly the heir to the thrown that is basketball’s greatest.

The result however, a Spurs 107-86 TROMPINGG. They took the Heat and put them in the wood-chipper.

Best: Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard, and Boris Diaw.

With 10 Points and 11 Rebounds, Tim Duncan became the All-Time Leader in Finals Double Doubles.

Play of the game? Kawhi Leonard’s put-back slam.. Came out of nowhere and just plain dominated..

Diaw was dishing assists out left and right, putting on passing clinics, fucking facializing D-Wade and Bosh with this behind the back pass to Tiago Splitter.

Worst: Mario Chalmers and Dwayne Wade.

People thought Mario Chalmers would have a bounce back game.. Guy went 2/6 from the field for 4pts in 31 minutes, and committed 3 turnovers.. Wade was even worse.. Going 3/13 from the field for 10pts in 33 minutes, committing 4 turnovers..

But let’s not be naive, alright? Sure, Game 5 is in San Antonio.. but that doesn’t matter.. The Spurs have backed LeBron and gang into the corner.. You can be sure that they will fight their way out. Do I despise the Heat with every bone in my body? Yes. Do I love watching LeBron fail? Yes. Do I think Heat basketball is the most disingenuous basketball ever? Yes. But I’ll be damned if I said I didn’t think they could bring this to Game 7. Have to respect game.

You honestly can’t count the Heat out they could easily win two in a row.. And then honestly, it’s anyone’s series.

My hope, however.. Is to see Tim Duncan with a ring on his finger ASAP.

Just want to see Heat players cry, is that too much to ask for..? Just want to see this terrible reign fall to it’s knees in heartbreak fashion.