ESPN Is Getting So Hard At The Idea Of Carmelo Taking His Talents To South Beach

ESPN, at the moment, is getting such an excitement boner at the idea of Melo heading to South Beach.. Which is classic ESPN. Right now they’re probably texting Melo, trying desperately to get him to agree to “The Decision: Carmelo Anthony Edition”… But you know what though.. I wouldn’t even be mad at Melo for doing something like that.. It’s different when you’ve never really had a team.. Like you didn’t grow up in Denver, so leaving the Nuggets wasn’t such a big deal.. When you’re LeBron and your stomping on hearts in the state you grew up in, that’s a different story.

Either way, ESPN’s poll today was “How many NBA championships would a team featuring LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony win?” I answered “0” and it looks like America agrees.

Which is a shock, because for once people have chosen the sensible answer.. Like do you really expect to throw Carmelo Anthony, a pure scorer, into the mix and expect chemistry to be amazing.. No way! And you’re insane if you do. Now maybe if LeBron signed with the Knicks in a year or two.. And it’s just the two of them with a few role players, that’s different, I can believe that.

You add Melo into the mix and you have a Lakers situation on your hands. You become surprisingly bad, which for the Heat would be 3rd seed in the East or something.

You could argue that they would win a million championships.. But once all is said and done I think you’ll be like “Oh Sam, you were right.. the Heat tried way to hard.. They should have done less.”

And of course Florida voted “4 or more..” So typical Florida, blowing their load so early.