How About This Lady Savaging A Jar Of Mayo On The PVTA Bus


I think the French word for this lady is “Savágę.” Most people are like “eww gross that’s nasty, this lady is disgusting” … Here’s the only problem that I have with this lady.. That jar you have in your hand, maim, is a Kraft’s Mayo jar.. Hellmann’s or motherfuckin bust!! Anyone who has anything other than Hellmann’s in their mouth is an absolute psychopath with no regard for their own life.. It’s that simple.


But this lady is 100% a part of the “No Fucking Around Crew” she is the the epitome of “Long Hair Don’t Care” and I totally understand..

If she was shoveling Hellmann’s mayonnaise into her mouth like it’s Ben & Jerry’s I would totally understand her like.. You’ve had a long day.. You make a bomb purchase at the supermarket.. And then all the sudden you find yourself on the bus realizing you just can’t wait to get home to start in on it, and need to be pleasured A$AP. There’s no waiting, you don’t want instant gratification, you need it. I did that with 6 jelly donuts today.. But to each their own.

But no, this lady is a legitimate psychopath.

UPDATE: Apparently she’s eating yogurt.. I refuse to believe this.. That’s not an “I eat yogurt out of a mayonnaise jar” body, that’s an “I eat mayonnaise out of a mayonnaise jar” body.

Becky with the pic 😉