I Think I’ll Call This Blog ‘Bron Being Bron’ (Leg Cramps Edition)

I’m just going to meme your brains out to start this one.. So just mull over these for a minutes…




Ok, I’ll admit, this seems like more of a hockey players are savage warriors/Lebron James is a big child kind of blog, which it kind of is..

Look, I’ve stopped playing because of cramping before.. It was pick up basketball.. There was no glory.. No ring on the line.. This wasn’t a world championship.. This was a lazy Sunday afternoon street game with close friends. Leg cramps.. They’re incredibly painful. No doubt. You know what else is incredibly painful? Breaking your leg on an Evgeni Malkin slapshot and then playing ruthless defense for a minute after..


The other thing that came to mind the second Bron left the game was the flu game obviously, everyone thought flu game.. Do you know how hard it is to get out of bed when you have the flu?? It’s even hard to watch the Price is Right.. Or Judge Judy all day.. Let alone go out and play a beast of an NBA Finals game?? Jesus, Bron.. Cramps??

It’d be one thing if you pulled the Ol’ “Thought I was out for the game, Jk I’m back.. Time to be a hero” jog out of the tunnel.. But no.. Cramps took you out of the game.

I mean shouldn’t you be prepared for a hot situation.. Shouldn’t you be ready for anything but rain and snow when you’re a professional basketball player.. Not to mention the fact that you’ve been living in hot humid Miami.. You step out of the airport in Miami and the humidity dick slaps you in the face.. Come on man. That was a legacy performance.. And you lost.

Personally, I would have taken the tights off.. That would have been my first move..


Bosh just Ostrich photo bombing that shit out of this one

PS- LeBron’s cramp face looks eerily similar to my O face.. Upset and scared