I Just Can’t Wrap My Mind Around This 31 Year-Old Bro Dating 91 Year-Old Chick.. Can’t Comprehend

What? What the literal fuck did I just experience? What youtube journey did I just embark on?

First, the kiss at 0:19s is yummilicious.. And by “yummilicious” I mean absolutely scaring.. Too much tongue.. I don’t even know..

Also the black dude at 0:49s captures exactly how I felt watching this.


Let me just start by saying.. Many will probably say “Nothing’s gross about this.. Love is love.. It knows no boundries.. Blah blah it’s all about perception blah blah” and that’s all good and stuff.. But that’s not what you’re actually thinking.. I know it, you know it, we all know it. That shit was cray.

Alright, gotta start somewhere.. The name Marjorie.. I honestly thought they phased that name out in the Great Depression.. The ultimate old lady name.. Agnes is right up there.. I’m sure this kid has slayed an Agnes at this point too, actually I have no doubt he has.

Here are the best quotes that sum this video up and it’s horrors..

“Sometimes I feel like he’s my other son.. Until we hop in bed.. Then I feel different..” – 91 year old Marjorie McCool on 31 year old BF (great last name by the way 10 cool points)

“People don’t like to think of their parents or grandparents having sex.. ‘They just don’t do that’.. Yes they do, and some of them have done it with me.” – 31 year old Kyle. Wtf Kyle, we get it, you slay our grandparents..

“91 dating a 31 year old… Uhh… Uh.. Yeah.. That’s uh, pretty speechless.” – Some speechless Duquense bro, who like me is speechless on the matter.

How about the mom, how mindfucked do you think she is? On a scale of 1-10, I’d say she’s easily at 11. Kid’s bringing home 50 year olds at 22, 91 year olds at 31.. Like what? I don’t care how much you say you’re “fine with it” or “too each his own” you’re 100% in denial.

But you know if I were this guy I wouldn’t even bother with online dating.. I’d go straight to Bingo halls, church, maybe crash a few funerals idk, old lady buffets..


PS- Marjorie McCool is kind of a boss so full of life