Honey Boo-Boos Fam Crushed It In Panama City, Oh And Mama Boo-Boo Wears Socks In The Pool, Who Wears Socks In The Pool???

TMZ – One can only assume Mama June just discovered water … because while Honey Boo Boo played around in the pool with her usual youthful exuberance … her mother swam around WITH HER SOCKS ON.

The Thompsons hit up a pool while on vacation in Panama Beach, FL. According to the photog who snapped the pics, Mama June swam about 30-40 laps in the pool … never removing her socks.

Clearly it takes a lot to knock this woman’s socks off.

Is this not the most absurd swim attire move you have ever seen?? Like wearing a shirt is one thing.. That’s acceptable, I mean, kind of.. When I haven’t hit the gym, I will wear a shirt 60% of the time, everytime.

Wearing socks in the water, that’s a whole other psychological ball game.. There has to be a reason she’s wearing socks that I don’t know about, has to be.. nobody does that. Socks are dry, always dry.. When socks get wet it’s a national tragedy.

Also Mama boo boo has such tight swimming technique

Granted it looks like she’s dead in this picture..

PS – I thought this pool sock thing was an isolated incident

It wasn’t. Bay Watch City!