People Who Don’t Know Why Memorial Day Is Celebrated Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Have Fun On Memorial Day

Mark Dice with some hard hitting street journalism.. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?? No.. If you don’t know why you’re cooking up burgers, and knocking back brews on Memorial Day.. You shouldn’t be allowed to have fun.

You shouldn’t be allowed near a dog or a burger.

You shouldn’t be allowed to touch a beer to your lips.

You shouldn’t be allowed to frolic in pools with hot girl babes.

You shouldn’t be allowed to wear sweet american flag gear.

You should be put in a big room with blank walls with all the other ignorant Americans to do nothing all day Memorial Day. No fun for you.. Sorry, maybe read a book next time.. Maybe do your homework..

That guy that says the only thing that matters to him on Memorial Day is that he gets work off.. Nothing else matters.. He might deserve to be hung on charges of high treason..

PS- Do these people not have facebook?? How do you have no idea what Memorial Day is.. It’s 2014!!!