If This Video Of An FSU Pike U.S. Soldier Surprising His Girlfriend With His Return Doesn’t Give You Chills, You Might Be Incapable Of Love And Void Of Human Feelings

First of all, these soldiers returning home videos get me every time.. Like every time I think.. “Oh this one won’t make me cry” and almost every time I cry. This time I didn’t cry.. Just got chills all over my body..

1. A++ times a bazillion.. Tiesto’s “All of Me” John Legend remix is absolute fireee.. Best choice for music yet. It says “hey honey, all of me loves all of you.. But I also love to party” (Apparently the remix is by “Kasum” .. But Tiesto has one as well)

2. Kid’s girlfriend is easily a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.. Hotter than hot.. Jean shorts FTW.. What a lucky guy.

3. This guy is such a fucking bro.. Just such a hero.. Like “Oh yeah I had fun partying at FSU, but decided I should probably go fight for my country, because I’m a mans man hero, with red white and blue coursing through my veins.”

Well, it’s Wednesday, so we’re well past Memorial’s day.. But just want to thank all the men and women in our armed forces for all of their sacrifices, for risking their lives, and for protecting the red white and blue. ‘MERICA!