50 Cent Throws Out The Most Entertaining First Pitch I’ve Ever Seen

Magnificent, folks.. Just as entertaining a first pitch as I’ve ever seen.. No other way to describe it.. It’s so incredibly hard to miss that bad.. I think people are over looking that.. It’s easier to drill the ball into the ground in front of you than it is to nail someone in the on-deck circle..

Plus, 50 had a great point in the post pitch interview.. “That was Curtis Jackson out there, I don’t even like when he comes around here.. I don’t want him around.. 50 Cent IS THE BEST… Curtis Jackson, I don’t even know what’s wrong with him..”

You know what I kind of believe him.. Why would you ever come out as Curtis Jackson..? You’re 50.. You’re battle tested, street hard.. I have no doubt if he went out to the mound as 50 he would have thrown straight CHED.. Probably break the radar gun, and consequently that nerd catcher’s hand.

PS- have you seen better technique? A better arm slot? I know I haven’t.

Spazzy Magee out there..